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Virtuoso guitarist Frans JC Martins, affectionately known as St.J. or the world's oldest teenager, started playing music early in life. He diversified on instruments playing piano, drums, guitar and clarinet. Guitar having always been the favourite, it was only natural that this became his main instrument.

The 80's - 90's was also the period during which he was seen on stage with various cover bands. Bored with playing covers he got involved doing original music with Glaze (ex Simpliciti) a hard rock original band in the early 2000's. During the same period he completed the line-up of Atmosphere Control Unit (ACU), an electronic based trio in the Cyber Punk genre.

Alternate Minds Studios, which was built in 2002 by St.J. provided the means to record St.J's first solo album under the name St.J. - Prophesy Project, entitled "Beginnings" in 2008/ 2009 and is also the home where much of the second album "Desert Rain" was recorded in 2012. Both albums are well received and enjoy airplay on radio world-wide. The studio and Frans' many talents has been the source on other artists' work and also a very strong international collaboration in the form of Dragonfly Night which released a debut album in October 2016.

As of June 2017, Frans is busy composing and working on his 3rd Album, to be aptly entitled "Free Electric Hand" due to the issues he is experiencing with Musicians Focal Distonia in his left hand.

In June 2018 Frans acquired a Post Production studio, Skyye Collective (Pty) Ltd,situated in the heart of Cape Town, in partnership with his son Richard. This studio mainly caters for post production in the movie, series, tv advertisement and corporate genres.

During May 2022 Frans releases an Acoustic Single, "Acoustic Jam" and early June 2022 a cover of Umfaan (a tribute to Ricardo Bornman, a well known South African guitarist.)

Frans continues to perform live and in studio as guitarist, drummer, bassist, vocalist and Sound Engineer for various projects - see links below. As of 2023 Frans has started an acting career, playing the part of Nicodemus in a local production and is actively involved in casting.

He is actively supporting the Western Cape Independence vision and mission.

As of June 2023 Frans is also the lead guitarist of the best Elvis Tribute Band in South Africa. In the latter part of 2023 he is Working on  an album with thePop Funk Band One Reservation playing guitars, final mix and master. 

Frans proudly Endorses and is Brand Ambassador for:

ImageSkyye Collective Audio Studios which produces all his music.  
J Le Roux Ampworks which is his preferred amplifiers, both in studio and on stage.
Beauty Spot, which keeps his guitarist's nails in parfect shape all year round.

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