dragonfly night

Dragonfly Night is a group of four musicians from three continents: Frans, a South African based in Saudi Arabia, Anna based in Poland, Chris from the United Kingdom and Rici from South Africa.

Their creative cooperation happens mostly on-line, although they have rare occasions to meet and to play together live. Dragonfly Night is finalising the release of their new album, Liminal Place, which should be released by the 4th quarter 2016.

The album of 9 songs, shows an emotional journey of the human mind and affection to so called "Liminal Places", which are places in-between, places that exist and do not exist at the same time, surreal moments of human reflexion, that take us away from the usual pace of space and time.

We hope that through listening to our music, the you will be able to associate with the emotions and story lines in the songs and that you will be carried away to this Liminal Place, become unattached from reality for a brief moment let yourself go and flow with the music to another dimension.