This section of the site is dedicated to and provided for my Classical Guitar Students. I trust that the material within will be beneficial to them and others interested in studying the instrument.

Links to videos


Right Hand Down Pick

Right Hand Up Pick

Right Hand Pinch

Götze P14 no 2

Götze P14 no 3

Götze P14 no 4

Götze P14 no 5

Götze P14 no 6

Götze P15 no 9

Götze P22 no 1a

Götze P22 no 2a

Götze P22 no 3a

Götze P23 no 1

Götze P23 no 3

Götze P26 no 3

Götze P27 no 5

Götze P27 no 8

Götze P28 no 1a