st.j. prophesy project

StJ Prophesy Project

St.J. Prophesy's recipe for making excellent Rock:

1. Take a virtuoso South African (living in Saudi Arabia) guitarist with a vision: Mid 2008 -: St.J. - Prophesy is the banner under which Frans JC Martins (St.J.) is pursuing his solo career. The music is a mixture of Progressive Rock, Blues and Jazz/ Rock fusion.

2. Add a super tight South African rhythm section to keep the beat and fill in the bottom end: Mid 2008 - Rici Martins (drums/ synths) and Damian Meyer (bass) (both courtesy of Nova Rise, formerly CHB) form this formidable team.

3. Stir and taste the mix: The verdict - It rocks, but not as well as it could and should: Their first album entitled Beginnings was released on the 18th of April 2009 at Tanz Cafe in Johannesburg, South Africa. The album was recorded, mastered and produced at St.J.'s studio Alternate Minds Studios with St.J performing lead, rhythm and bass guitars and Rici Martins the drums and keyboards. Rici was also co-writer and co producer on the tracks.

4. Find a South African rhythm guitarist and taste again. Hmm, not bad, the mix is not perfect yet, let it simmer for a while: 2011 somewhere - One of the challenges was to find a very capable second guitarist. Having searched and found, they are delighted to welcome on board Bruce Klein, (courtesy of Nova Rise, formerly CHB), capable and rocking, whom so generously offered his services!

5. Search the earth high and low and find a Polish female vocalist with incredible vocal and song writing skills: Mid 2012 - After having to do much convincing they are over the moon to welcome Anna Coates to the mix. Careful, something crazy is about to happen!

6. Stir the mix extremely gently, it might explode! November 2012 - The second album (the first to feature vocals) is released, Desert Rain is going to get you all wet!

7. Pour sound emitting from the mix into a loud audio source: Get a hold of both albums and play it loud!

8. Sit back and enjoy, they have concocted a truly International Rock expericence! Please share the St.J. Prophesy sound with your friends and let them experience the ultimate Rock explosion!

The current line-up is:
Guitar/ Vocals: Frans JC Martins (St.J.)
Vocals/ Guitar: Vacant
Drums/ Synths: Rici Martins (courtesy of SEVVEN
Bass Guitar: Vacant

St.J. also performs solo live using back tracks.